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Resume Reviews by Eugene Hayden

  • "Hi Eugene! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review my resume, along with many others this past year. I was able to land a position at Amazon without any referrals or internal connections and I definitely think your advice contributed to that."

    Andrea, SDE @ Amazon
  • "Hi Eugene! Thank you for your personalized feedback with my resume back in October 2020. I was able to land interviews with Google, Salesforce, and some other places. I really appreciate your kindness!"

    Kelly, CS student
  • "Hey Eugene! Just wanted to thank you for reviewing my resume (I was one of the 500+ resumes reviewed a couple of weeks ago). On top of that, I used one of your templates. I’ve been job searching for months now with no luck; but, since I upgraded my resume with your help, I landed an interview with Amazon!"

    Anonymous @ FAANG+ company
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I have landed an IT Director role with my updated resume. Your 'Extra' trick worked for me and got me an interview with the leadership team at a Canadian Retail company"

    Greg, Director @ Canadian Retail company
  • "I want to come and say a big thank you! I now have multiple really competitive offers in hand. Thank you so much for everything you are doing on this platform. I really appreciate it. I hope in future we can stay in touch and if you need someone to build something outside work, please keep me in mind! :D"

    Anonymous @ FAANG+ company
  • "Hi Eugene! I just want to tell you that I recently received a Data Analyst Summer Intern offer from Kimberly Clark. I want to thank you for reviewing my resume and giving me the suggestions. Without your help, I couldn’t make it. Thank you so much Eugene!!!"

    TT @ Kimberly Clark
  • "The changes made by Eugene greatly improved the whole outlook of my resume. Each sentence/description is accompanied by a quantifiable metric that lets the recruiter know the true value of the candidate. Overall I am very happy with the service!"

    Saffat, Freelance Web Developer
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